Christian Missionary Has BOTH Legs Amputated After Taking Pfizer Vaccine — Could Also Lose Her Hands

(Tea Party 247) – Could you imagine going to get your COVID-19 like a “good citizen” and end up having both of your legs amputated? Sounds far-fetched, doesn’t it? Sadly, this was exactly what happened for one Minnesota woman after receiving the Pfizer shots. Jummai Nache, a Nigerian healthcare worker in Minneapolis, got the second […]

HUGE: Jovan Pulitzer Announces He Has Received Full Funding For ‘Kinematic Forensic Audit’ Of The Complete State Of Michigan

(Tea Party 247) – Democrats are no doubt beginning to get extremely nervous as more and more states are coming forward and acknowledging the shady results from the 2020 presidential election and are now demanding that forensic audits be conducted to catch any instances of fraud. The whole thing started with the state of Arizona, […]

BREAKING: Powerful Democrat Indicted

(Tea Party 247) – Looks like trouble in New Mexico for top Democrat State Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton. The Rep. from Albuquerque represents District 19 and has been serving as representative since 1995 and has been the Majority Floor Leader since 2017. Williams Stapleton also works for the school district and is the coordinator and […]

SHOCKING: The CDC COVID-19 Hospitalization Data The Media Doesn’t Want You To See

(Tea Party 247) – The COVID-19 pandemic is a scam and has been a scam from the start. Sure, COVID-19 is a real virus and has the ability to kill those with weakened and vulnerable immune systems but so does any virus. The reality is that the vast majority of people survive the illness and […]

‘TYRANT’: Speaker Pelosi Has Now Ordered Capitol Police To Arrest Staff And Visitors Who Don’t Comply With House Mask Mandate (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has put out an order that Capitol Police are to arrest anyone from the staff and any visitors who are caught refusing to comply with the House mask mandate she put out this week. According to a report from Gateway Pundit, Pelosi advised not arresting lawmakers, but […]

MyPillow Founder Mike Lindell Pulls Ads From FOX News (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – Outspoken conservative Mike Lindell, the founder of the MyPillow company, has decided to pull all of his ads from the Fox News network this week after the once right-leaning company has refused to run advertisements for his election integrity conference coming up in August. According to Gateway Pundit, Lindell’s event is […]

WATCH: Four Members Of Congress Barred From Visiting January 6th Prisoners

(Tea Party 247) – A new report from Infowars reveals that four Republican lawmakers have been accused of “trespassing” at a prison in our nation’s capital after they attempted to check the place out and ascertain the conditions that defendants from the Jan. 6 riots are experiencing while being held there. The congress members were […]

LEAKED: CNN Interview Shows AOC Claiming She Thought She Was Going To Be Raped During Capitol Riot

(Tea Party 247) – US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is shameless. In clips leaked from a CNN interview and published by Project Veritas, the Democratic lawmaker says she believed she was going to be “raped” during the Jan. 6 Capitol incident. First she alleged that she was going to be murdered and now she is saying […]

BOMBSHELL: New Lawsuit Claims 45,000 Vaccine Deaths Being Hidden

(Tea Party 247) – Attorney Thomas Renz has filed a lawsuit in a federal court in the state of Alabama this week that makes allegations of an enormous government cover-up of vaccine-related deaths in the United States that number “at least 45,000.” A new report from WND reveals that the suit, which has been filed […]

BREAKING: Biden DOJ Issues “Guidance” Threatening States Performing Audits Of Election Results

(Tea Party 247) – Biden’s corrupt DOJ is now threatening states in an effort to get them to decide against performing forensic audits on their 2020 election results. This should be even more motivation for states to perform audits and investigations. The DOJ has absolutely no authority over state elections and their threats deserve to […]

Astonishing Ending Over Fines For ‘F*** Biden’ Signs

(Tea Party 247) – Two women have been fighting their town to preserve their First Amendment rights and it looks like their fight has paid off. Roselle Park, New Jersey has voluntarily dropped its efforts to get the two women to remove yard signs from their yards under the guise of the signs violating a […]

WE GOT HIM! Capitol Officer Complaining Before Sham Jan. 6 Committee Exposed As BLM Activist (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – The first hearing of Nancy Pelosi’s sham Jan. 6 committee resulted in overwhelmingly emotional testimony from both lawmakers and Capitol police officers. It was quite the spectacle. Members of Congress, like RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) could barely get through their statements without choking up while […]

EXPOSED: Maricopa County Board Chairman, Jack Sellers, Has Troubling Ties With China — No Wonder He’s Been Fighting The Audit

(Tea Party 247) – We all know foreign entities had their hands in the 2020 presidential election. President Trump did a lot in establishing and maintaining international stability during his time in the White House but that wasn’t necessarily a good thing for America’s enemies like Russia, China and Iran. The Gateway Pundit just published […]

ALERT: National Police Association Calls For Investigation Into 2020 Floyd Riots — SLAMS Pelosi’s Jan. 6 “Dog And Pony Show”

(Tea Party 247) – Not everybody is buying the lies being sold by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats regarding the Jan 6. Capitol riot. Pelosi has established her sham Jan. 6 committee, making sure to exclude anyone who might buck against their lies, but it’s become pretty clear it’s nothing more than a partisan exercise […]

SICK: Louisiana Judge Offers Convicted Criminals, Sex Offenders, Option To Skip Community Service If They Get Vaccinated

(Tea Party 247) – If you think you’ve seen all kinds of ridiculous incentives for Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccines, this one really takes the cake. A judge in Louisiana is offering to allow convicted criminals the opportunity to skip out on community service if they get their COVID-19 jab. This offer has reportedly […]

WATCH: Arrogant Don Lemon Says Unvaccinated People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Work Or Shop For Food

(Tea Party 247) – The forced vaccination of every American isn’t going quite as well as Democrats had hoped it would. Millions of Americans are refusing the jabs and for a myriad of good reasons. Not only are the “vaccines” experimental and dangerous but they aren’t even effective. Outbreaks among fully vaccinated Americans are popping […]

UNHINGED: NYT Reporter Calls For Trump Supporters To Be Considered “Enemies Of The State” To Combat “National Security Threats”

(Tea Party 247) – The radical left truly despises freedom-loving Americans with conservative viewpoints who voted for President Trump. They don’t even attempt to hide their disdain and hate for us. New York Times reporter and biased radical leftist, Katie Benner, called for Trump supporters to be labeled “enemies of the state” on Twitter. Thanks […]

JUST IN: Maryland Voter Integrity Group Uncovers Huge Anomalies In Four Counties

(Tea Party 247) – The Maryland Voter Integrity Group is now the latest state organization to uncover anomalies in the 2020 presidential election results. The MVIG has found these anomalies in four different counties. According to Gateway Pundit, the group found that the Democratic vote increase spiked to around 34-37 percent in these four targeted […]

HUGE: GA Sec. Of State Raffensperger, Sterling And Fuchs All Connected To Firm That Helps Democrats Run As Republicans

(Tea Party 247) – The corrupt secretary of state for Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, along with his corrupt CFO Sterling, and the deputy secretary of state Fuchs were not at all upset about the fact that Democrats won big in the state’s elections, as well as taking the White House. In fact, according to a new […]

HUGE BOMBSHELL: Trump’s Victory Margin In Michigan Was 373,000 Votes (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – Professor David K. Clements, who works for New Mexico State University, along with retired Army intelligence captain and former baseball analyst Seth Keshel, are continuing to release tidbits from their analysis of the 2020 presidential election and some of what they have found is explosive. According to the Gateway Pundit, the […]

BOMBSHELL: Doctor Warns That Majority Of Vaccinated Patients Might Have Permanent Heart Damage — Some Could Die Within Three Years (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – According to a new report from the folks over at Infowars, a Canadian doctor is demanding that further studies be conducted into the link between the coronavirus vaccines and blood clots after research he did found blood clots in a majority of those who took the vaccine, some of whom he […]

URGENT: 50,000 Illegal Aliens Released Into US Without Court Date — No Mandatory Vaccinations, No Contact Tracing

(Tea Party 247) – A new report from Gateway Pundit says that 50,000 illegal aliens who recently crossed the border into the United States have been released into the country without a single court date. And as if that isn’t bad enough, they’ve not received any mandatory vaccinations and have not been subjected to contract […]

GOING VIRAL: Joe Biden Wants Jail For Crack Users As Hunter Smokes Crack (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – A video has been put together and posted online that shows Joe Biden making a case for sending his own son, Hunter, to prison for up to five years. Now, he’s actually doing that in the video, as it’s footage of Biden as a young man arguing for sending folks possessing […]

ALERT: LAA Voter Integrity Project Reveals 157,299 Illegal Ballots Cast In Wisconsin Presidential Election

(Tea Party 247) – The state of Wisconsin has decided to join Arizona by moving forward with a full forensic audit of the election results in the state, which is news that is going to make liberals nearly shake out of their shoes. As the old saying goes, what’s done in the dark will eventually […]

BREAKING: Democrat Donor And Pal Of Hillary Clinton Ed Buck Convicted In Meth Overdose Deaths Of Two Black Men At His Own Apartment

(Tea Party 247) – Massive Democrat donor and close pal to the infamous Hillary Clinton, Ed Buck, just got some very bad news about his future place of residence. Buck was convicted on Tuesday in connection with meth overdoses of two black men at his apartment in West Hollywood. According to Gateway Pundit, Buck really […]

Texas Police Issue Emergency Health Warning: Joe Biden Dumping Illegals With COVID On The Streets

(Tea Party 247) – The Biden administration’s extremely poor immigration policies have once again led to disaster. A massive release of illegal aliens continues to happen over and over at the border between Texas and Mexico, all of which has been done under the cover of a Biden gag order. According to Gateway Pundit, a […]

HORROR: Rep. Mullin Hugged Lt. Byrd After Shooting Trump Supporter Ashli Babbitt — Told Him, “You Did What You Had To Do”

(Tea Party 247) – Early on the day on Tuesday, the folks over at the Gateway Pundit confirmed that Lt. Mike Byrd was indeed the police officer at the Capitol building who shot Ashli Babbitt. There were two women who were killed on January 6, both murdered in cold blood by the hands of Capitol […]

‘WE’RE F**KED’: Democrats Panic After Voters Turn Down Idea Of Federal Election Takeover

(Tea Party 247) – Top Democrats are hitting full panic mode over how disastrous the 2022 midterm election may be now that 18 Republican legislatures have passed election integrity laws, with a lot more to come down the pike. According to a report by Infowars, Politico put out a piece (screen shot here) that reveals […]

AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers Makes SHOCK Announcement: “DECERTIFY NOW — RECALL THE ELECTORS” AG Brnovich MUST INDICT Supervisors

(Tea Party 247) – Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers is currently leading the fight in the state to decertify the 2020 presidential election results after the forensic audit of ballots in Maricopa County has yielded serious evidence that the election was rigged and stolen from not only President Donald Trump, but from the American people […]

GROSS: Biden Caught On Camera Slipping Boy A Used Covid Mask

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden’s dementia just keeps getting worse and worse, as is the case for all dementia sufferers. It’s never been more apparent and yet the leftist sycophant media continues to cover for Biden and pretend as though everything is just fine. They refuse to question him on it or call out […]

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