Love Him or Hate Him, Former Russian President Tells It How It Is

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Dmitry Medvedev is Russia’s former premiere who has gained some extra notoriety for his proclamations against the West over the conflict in Ukraine, and his insistence we stay out. His role in Russian politics as former Russian President, Prime Minister, and now Deputy Chairman of the National Security Council gives him incredible influence in Russian politics. People hang on to his every word and look to him for guidance when disaster strikes.

So when a group of terrorists attacked a music venue (with warnings made public) in Moscow on March 22nd, Medvedev had no sympathy for the attackers. Striking with multiple weapons and firebombs, the group killed 137 people and wounded 140 more. Since then, 11 people have been arrested with four formally charged.

On March 25th, Medvedev congratulated the Moscow police for capturing them so quickly and, per Russian state media, made it clear the terrorists should cease breathing. “Should they be killed? They should be. And it will be. But it is much more important to kill everyone involved. Everyone. Who paid, who sympathized, who helped. Kill them all.”

This isn’t a huge shift from his feelings on the night of the attacks. “All of them must be tracked down and ruthlessly eliminated as terrorists. Including officials of the state that committed such an atrocity… death for death.”

Leadership like this used to be the kind Americans could expect to see from its leaders. We had people who were committed to making the nation the strongest it could be, and they would defend us to the hilt. While the liberals of the world are shocked and appalled at his statements, especially as Russia has nothing passed for the death penalty, this is the kind of fight and determination that makes a nation strong.