Tired of the Liberals? Italy’s Got the Red Carpet Out

S.Borisov / shutterstock.com
S.Borisov / shutterstock.com

Much like the illegals who flood our border and bolster the rolls of liberal voters in the US, many Americans are getting fed up with this country. With little to no prospects for being able to afford a home and being able to settle down, many have started looking abroad for an answer to the problem. The answer for many? Italy.

While a beautiful and picturesque country, Italy has large swaths of land that have left behind abandoned and otherwise unused homes dotting the countryside. The town of Patrica is one of the villages with a number of these homes.

Just one small problem.

For the town to sell these homes, they need to locate the owners and post them for sale for the promotional one Euro price. With many having been abandoned for generations, it can become incredibly difficult to find the rightful heirs and get them to sign it over. Even in those rare cases where officials found the owners, people were unwilling to buy the property as the cost to fix it up and restore these structures is often far too great. Especially in rural villages like Patrica.

Another difficult problem is the fractional shares of a house people leave. Under Italian law, you can leave one person the kitchen, another the main entrance, etc. in a will. This means they expect the family to stay close, and to work together for the well-being of the house. Done in an effort to preserve the peace and keep things in the family, it backfires when there is a falling out. Especially if a majority want to sell, and just one refuses to.

Other villages across Italy are offering similar propositions, so the red carpet is rolled out. Just remember, the properties being made available in these places are like the carpet they welcome you with: in poor repair, full of holes here and there, and not fit for what you were expecting.