Biden Can’t Handle Being Questioned by Fox News, But Trump Did It

What will he say next? No one knows…

There’s a reason why no one is seeing a lot of Joe Biden right now. His campaign cannot trust what comes out of his mouth. Although they are right to keep him in hiding, it does nothing to squash the rumors about his mental capacities.

The Biden campaign has agreed to three debates with Trump – no more, no less. As for interviews with the press, they are trying to limit the number considerably so that Biden doesn’t say anything that could hurt him. Well, that could hurt him even more than what he’s already said. After all, calling a woman a “dog-faced pony soldier” certainly didn’t help him.

When President Trump experienced the barrage of questions from Chris Wallace on Fox News, he questioned whether Joe Biden would be able to handle a similar level of questioning.

That’s when Fox News decided to put it to the test. They asked the Biden campaign for an interview. After all, fair is fair when it comes to questioning both candidates running for the presidency.

However, the hard truth was revealed: Biden can’t handle the questions.

Conveniently, Biden was “not available” for an interview. That seems awfully convenient for a guy who has been hiding in his basement for the past several months. By “not available,”, they likely mean “not capable.” But, what else can they say? It’s not like they’re about to come out and speak the truth. “Sorry, our candidate is incapable of speaking due to his declining mental capacity, but please vote for him in November.” Yeah, that probably wouldn’t go over well with voters.

Chris Wallace doesn’t want to give up too soon. He said that they will be asking the Biden campaign weekly for an interview to see if Biden will be able to handle a similar encounter of hard questions.

It’s not as if this is something new. Biden’s been hiding for the press for months – and it’s leading to more questions than ever. Trump is taking full advantage of Biden’s lack of presence, too. The Trump campaign has been hitting Biden hard for abstaining from news conferences and rallies.

The only reason it seems that Biden is up in the polls is because of him hiding in his Delaware home. After all, it’s hard to know that he’s suffering from dementia if he’s not in the limelight. He can’t insult various groups of people if he doesn’t get in front of a camera.

So, what happens when Biden does start talking? The polls show that Biden has a lead in a few different states, including Arizona, North Carolina, and Ohio – swing states. States that are typically conservative, including Georgia and Texas, are also unclear as to whether they will be voting for Trump or Biden.

Trump’s been talking about the issues. Biden, well, he’s been in hiding. It seems that Biden is only up for a conversation if there is someone around to help pull his puppet strings. He’s making Democratic politics start to look a lot like Weekend at Bernie’s – and that’s not a good thing.

With Biden’s campaign declining Fox News’ request for an interview, they’re proving what voters have been assuming all along – Biden can’t handle being questioned.

Without Biden taking interviews, it’s easy to live in denial. Democrats can assume that the liberal media has been telling the truth. Biden is fine. Biden is healthy. Biden is not suffering from dementia. However, the conservative media is starting to highlight that that may not be the case.

As soon Biden has no choice but to become front and center for the debates with Trump, it will all be over. The polls will start to adjust appropriately as people realize that Biden is incapable of answering the questions and addressing important issues with thoughts that are truly his own.

Biden can stay in hiding for now, but as we approach November, he will have no choice but to come out of hiding and deal with the questions that people want answers to once and for all.