Is Hawley the Future of Republicans? Future President Even?

This is a bittersweet story for all of us, for some more bitter and the rest sweeter. The conversation was started by one very bright mind, Senator Josh Hawley.

Hawley, not even 40-years-old yet, spoke during a recent interview that left you thinking that he is not only a smart guy but also a person with foresight, perhaps even – Presidential?

The young Senator discussed topics such as “fighting big tech’s dominance on the Internet” as the story called it, in addition to immigration, populism in politics, and the future of the Republican party. With every answer to every question, the Senator responded thoughtfully and often with foresight.

Saying things like, “If the conservative movement wants to have a future, it’s going to have to commit itself to being the movement of working people… if we do that, if conservatives do that, if there’s a core group that will do that, then the rest of D.C., the lobbyists, they will follow along. It’s going to have to be people-driven change.”

This has shades of President Trump and hints of wisdom from great Presidents of years past. This is a young leader with ideas but he has more than ideas, he also has plans. Not the type of lip service plans being offered by Bernie Sanders who will promise everything and do nothing.

No, Senator Hawley actually has real plans and written proposals. As the aforementioned story reported, “Hawley has introduced several bills to encapsulate his vision for a populist GOP.”

Here is a small sample of how active and invested the young Senator is in making a change, in joining the President in making America great again. He has proposed the bill (one of the most notable the story reminded us)  Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act.

He proposed a bill to fight foreign currency manipulation and legislation to thwart “higher education monopolies.” Along with these and many other acts as Senator, he cosponsored the America First Drug Pricing Plan to help reduce drug costs and increase transparency in the healthcare system.

And did we mention, this young leader isn’t even 40 yet? Senator Josh Hawley has arguably done more in his short political career than many politicians have done in their entire political lives. Now, however, is when we get to the bittersweet.

Fortunately the hope and future of the Republican party look bright in the hands of future leaders like Senator Hawley. Our story even mentioned that Hawley’s views were, “…like President Donald Trump’s,” which looks more like a populist Republican Party and less like the GOP of old.

This is in stark contrast to the future that is facing the Democrats, with so many new faces and groups like the “squad” leading the next generation of Dems. This is the “sweet” for the Republicans, a bright future with strong leaders rising from the incoming generation and a Democratic party that appears to be more divided than ever.

But as we said, this is a bittersweet story because as Senator Josh Hawley spoke about the future and making the conservative movement stronger, it also meant something about the present.

We don’t know if President Trump will get elected for a second term, nobody can tell the future. It looks good so far though and the President has done an incredible job leading the country back to world prominence but even if he is reelected, what then?

President Trump has a youthfulness that belies his age but he isn’t a young man. He is part of the outgoing generation, like the vast majority of our leadership in the House and in Congress.

It is very likely, especially if the President is reelected, that will we have seen the last President from that generation sitting in the oval office.

As forward-thinking and as brilliant as the young Senator appears to be, it would be remiss to think that he hasn’t thought about or imagined sitting in Trump’s seat. At some point, very possibily, in the very near future that could begin to look even more like a reality.

Is Hawley representing the new generation of Republican leadership? We could probably do far worse, just ask the Democrats but that still means we must say goodbye and soon witness a changing of the guard – and that is always bittersweet.