College Conservatives Can’t Be Conventional or Dems Label Them Homophobic

Tolerance from the left has run out, though they expect everyone to have plenty of tolerance for all that they do. A college group at Texas State University staged a “Conservative Coming Out Day” that allows students to come out as being conservative in their way of thinking.

The group had no point other than to allow themselves to speak freely of being conservative since so many college groups are not only liberal but far left-leaning. The only problem is that the liberal student government has decided to show that they have no tolerance for a conservative group and has condemned the event as being “homophobic.”

The Young Conservatives of Texas is a student group that posted a video on Twitter. They talked to a variety of students about how difficult it was to be conservative across a campus that is primarily liberal. The video was a component of their “Conservative Coming Out Day” event.

Student Senator Colton Halter didn’t like what the group was doing. He called for a resolution to condemn the group for violating shared values of the university while also expressing homophobia and bias, according to reports from the Star. The Young Conservatives of Texas, however, expressed no bias and no homophobia throughout the video or any of their plans for the event.

The paper has added that the event has “offended students,” according to Corey Benbow, the President of the Student Government. Benbow says that it’s important to take “Strong steps” towards what’s happening on campus and that is affecting the student body. Failure to do so would mean, “Why are we here?” he asks.

The Young Conservatives of Texas have acted in the only way that they could – standing by the event and denouncing, condemning, and refusing to recognize the student government of Texas State University as being an organization that is legitimate, reasonable, or responsible.

The university located in San Marcus, Texas has become center stage for a number of incidents that involve leftists versus conservatives.

There’s a video out there of left-leaning students getting arrested by campus police after freaking out and stealing a student’s MAGA hat. The red hat, iconic with the Trump campaign, has, as some identify, become kryptonite to the leftists. One of those arrested students happened to be a student government senator when it happened – so clearly Claudia Gasponi wasn’t focusing on tolerance when she ran for her student government position.

The University Star even banned an op-ed writer in 2017 for identifying that the DNA of white people “is an abomination.”

So much for the college experience to show that there is so much diversity in the world and allow students to grow and gather new belief systems and higher levels of tolerance. This Texas University has shown that they are anything but tolerant in their way of accepting anything different than the liberal agenda that they are being spoon-fed.

The Young Conservatives of Texas will continue to show that they are allowed to have conservative views just as other people are able to have liberal views. They don’t want to hide who they are just because they think differently than some of their fellow classmates on campus. Everything that they have done and everything that they have done is peaceful. They’re not protesting, they’re not getting involved in violence, and they’re not spreading hate. They simply want to open dialogue about how hard it can be to come out as a conservative on a liberal campus.

The liberals, however, take offense at everything, including the idea that there may be some people who would think that it’s okay to think differently than they do. Rather than tolerating some differences, they take offense and point fingers, calling those who are more tolerant than they are homophobic. No one said anything about homosexuality. Instead, the liberals feel that it’s easier to use slander in order to deal with the different ways of thinking.

Texas State University is only one of the many universities across the country to have issues. There are plenty of examples of young Democrats who have absolutely no tolerance for conservatives. Life lessons are lost on these groups as they constantly fill their hearts with hate and get into fights when another group chooses to go against the grain. Texas State simply makes the news more frequently than some of the others because the ones getting into so much of the trouble are also the members of the student government. It’s like that university is mirroring what’s happening in DC.