Cuba: The Sad Reality of the Communist Country – Can It Happen Here?

As we go along with the elections every four years, we find one grandfather looking fellow who can’t seem to comb his hair and talk like he is crazy.  We find Senator Bernie Sanders at the talk of every primary for the last few decades.  But what is his topic of choice?  Socialism.  The man has wholly engulfed his entire life to make America a socialist nation.  We can only thank our lucky stars or our higher power for this not becoming a reality.

So what is socialism?  In a nutshell, it is a sugar-coated word for communism.  America is a democracy, where majority rules and our freedoms reign from our God-given rights passed down from our forefathers who founded this great nation.  Communism is the complete opposite of democracy.

Many of the young generations who come up and say they are anti-government mistake anarchy for communism or the better word socialism.  Maybe it is because they like the idea of everything handed to them on a silver platter.  Oh, it’s given to them alright, but at what cost?  The answer is simple; it’s their freedom they lose.

This is what people see in supporting old Bernie Sanders.  The closest we had to communism in our country was our last president, Barrack “insane” Obama.

Obama is the one we can thank for showing the world a glimpse of what it is to be communist.  That is why Sanders is ranked number two in the primaries.  Obama opened up relations with Cuba, which is a communist country.  Since all the stars of Hollywood and idols of the young generation love Cuba so much, they think communism is cool.

Let’s face it.  Could America ever be a communist country?  No, not by the word “communist,” but throw in the sugar-coated name of “socialist,” and every Sanders supporter gets excited.  Communism, according to the stars, and Obama is a great thing and is not as bad as people made it out to be.

The real reason Democrats are afraid of Bernie Sanders is not that he doesn’t support their agendas.  It is because he wants to promote the Democratic programs way too fast.  Obama brought everything in subtle.  Not Bernie, he screams it like a screaming banshee at the top of the hills.

Four young men decided to see what all the fuss was about Cuba and communism.  What they found out shocked them when they learned the truth.  Not everything is what it seems.

For over a hundred years, Americans have been saying how evil communism is and spoke of what the countries go through who have communism and dictators as their form of government.  Democrats want this to become America.

Sanders doesn’t want to play by the Democrat’s rules.  He wants to be the Lenin of America.  The government owns healthcare, possessions, money, food, and people.  He wants it all before he goes out.  That is why we call him “Crazy.”  Sanders does not hide the obvious.

Bernie Sanders lived through Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and Fidel Castro’s reign to power in Cuba.  He and his wife were married and honeymooned in Moscow.  Sanders wants America to be the painted picture of Cuba.

Cuba is shown as a beautiful place with beautiful material items where celebrities are treated like gods.  The stars who went to Cuba come back and talk of all its wonders.  As mentioned earlier, not everything is what it seems.

The dark stories came out when these four young men from Turning Point USA told the truth about what they saw and what goes on within communism.  They were not treated like celebrities when they arrived.

Stories ranged from stars having been placed in camera filled rooms with prostitutes.  The Cuban government then blackmails the stars to toot the horn for how great Cuba is lest they ruin their images with the footages.

These four young men described the horrors of communism as “an impoverished police state in an advanced state of decay.”  This is what Bernie Sanders and the Democrats want to turn America into.

A preview within America we already have in some cities we now know as “sanctuary cities.”  Only Democrats run these cities.  Please take a look into one of those cities and find how close to Cuba they really are.  A third world country is what they push for America, and like Cuba, some people are just stupid enough to fall for the hype.  Thank God we’re American!