Drug Cartel Attacks American Family on Vacation in Nightmare Scenario

Mexico is a nation that cannot be trusted at least when it comes to crime bosses and corrupt political figures. It is a country that excels with crime bosses and murderous thugs. When Americans visit the country, they are targeted and murdered without any remorse or thought from their killers.

Over the weekend a small 13-year old girl was mercilessly murdered as she and her family were on vacation in Mexico. The family was ambushed just south of Texas. During the attack, three other people in the family were injured.

The family was innocently visiting other family members when they were attacked. The people that attacked collided with the family SUV in an attempt to make the stops. Their failure to stop the SUV led to the thugs shooting at the family.

As they opened fire the little girl was fatally hit by the bullets and killed. Mexico has failed to secure their country. This region is controlled by criminals. President Trump has already offered American help to wage war against the drug lords that control the northern border of Mexico.

The highway that the family traveled is controlled by the drug lords. It is a high crime area that people need to stay away from. This and other attacks have come to mark the area. The cartel killers simply look for vehicles that they can overtake to take the people into slavery. The nastiness of their actions is enough to make people puke. To kidnap and sell the little kids into slavery and potentially murder the adults is simply beyond reason.

The drug cartels have the main objective to kidnap girls for sex slavery sales and to push drugs into America. They have become proficient at implementing their criminal behaviors. The family was simply enjoying the day when they were bombarded with bullets and attacked like they were an invading army. The cartels do not care who they hit or who they kill. All they care about is invoking fear in people and earning a lot of money in the process.

The attorney general’s office mentioned that the family was legal residents of the United States. Their home was located in Oklahoma. The family was returning home after spending the holidays with families. In a few short days, the kids would have returned to school and the adults would have started back at their jobs. But now they have to plan a funeral. Since the attack, the family has begun to open up about the events that would change their lives forever.

One of the drivers of the car was Jose Mendoza. He stated that the gunman ended up blocking their path and just started shooting. Mendoza stated that “My nephew was shot. He’s in the hospital. I was praying. Praying, praying, praying. I didn’t want to die right then. Bullets were everywhere. We tried to stop the bleeding.” The bleeding he was referring to was regarding the people that were innocently shot by the devilish drug lords.

The path to secure the border is ever-pressing for the people that live near the border. The Democrats would love to see open borders that would effectively bring the crime waves of the cartels to American soil. The areas that they control would spread to the north and affect millions of Americans. The crime happy Democrats want the cartels to invade, so they can join forces with them to destroy America.

The United States Department of State said “We can confirm that one U.S. citizen was killed, and two U.S. citizens injured, in an attack in Tamaulipas, Mexico on January 4. We offer our sincerest condolences to the family on their loss, and we are providing them all appropriate consular assistance. We are closely monitoring local authorities’ investigation into this brutal attack. Out of respect for the family’s privacy, we have no further comment at this time.”

They have reached out to the family with support. Mexico has the ball in their court. They have to stop the crime and accept the help of President Trump if they are ever going to be trusted as a southern neighbor.