Here Are Another 5,200 Reasons to Support ICE and Immigration Reform!

While some Democrats are crying foul about how some immigration detainees are being held, and other Democrats just cry, the President’s immigration reform policy and ICE are keeping thousands of infected and contagious detainees quarantined. Yes, thousands.

Before we don the masks, gloves, and the other personal protective equipment we need to enter those quarantined areas, however, it is worth taking a look at the clamor going on outside these confined areas first. A recent story reporting on that outside noise shared the plans of some Democrats regarding other ICE detainees.

According to that story, “a letter drafted by House Democrats will call on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to release all transgender detainees because the agency has failed to follow guidelines to make modifications to house them.” While these Dems are crying foul, still others are just simply crying.

The story goes on to report just what it is that they are crying about, as detailed in a letter by Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill. In that letter, it reads “transgender migrants and asylum seekers are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment, solitary confinement, physical assault, and medical neglect,” and even calls the situation “inhumane.”

So what is the solution proposed by these feel-good save-the-world Dems? Simple, release them. The story goes on to explain that solution written by Quigley, who also wrote: “The agency has options in how it achieves this — it can release people to the community or into supervised alternative-to-detention programming, but it must release them.”

Let us just forget for a moment that the problem of immigration has been around for a long time. Let’s just overlook the fact that no President until Trump has made a concerted effort to fix the problem and that this is still uncharted territory. Even with all of that aside, there are still plenty of reasons to simply not release these detainees.

Not only is it unwise to use the ICE organization as some type of catch and release practice, especially when in the same pond, but Quigley’s plan is also dangerous. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency doesn’t have these people detained for no reason. These aren’t immigrant citizens or folks here with valid work permits or visas, these are illegals.

Of course, that doesn’t give us or anyone else a right to treat them unjustly or in an inhumane fashion. But being flooded by illegal immigrants also isn’t justification for letting them go, and it is dangerous. Another story, also regarding ICE detainees, revealed just a few of those dangers, as in 5,200 of them!

As that story reported, “Immigration and Customs Enforcement has 5,200 detainees in quarantine nationwide after they were exposed to either mumps or chickenpox… .” And we should just let ICE detainees go, right? Into the arms and hands of whoever those other untrained, unqualified, and understaffed “alternative-to-detention” programs are.

That sounds like a great plan!

The truth is there isn’t an easy solution for a problem that has existed for who knows how long? And the truth is also that the President’s action on immigration reform and the actions of ICE have made the country a safer place.

How many of those detainees are of a criminal mindset, or worse yet how many are capable of murder? How many have raped or killed before? Isn’t one too many to not err on the side of caution? Do any of us need to be reminded of the countless stories of horror and crime attached to illegal immigrants who were evil people?

We all know that we can’t judge a barrel by one bad apple but we also know that until we take care of the bad apples, that barrel isn’t ready to be used. Still, the Democrats are crying unfair treatment, unjust treatment for those immigrants who are transgender, and most of them are just crying.

Those bleeding hearts may look good on paper, they may draw sympathy when in the eye of the camera, but they aren’t solving anything. These ideas and this short-sighted Democratic utopia actually presents a danger to all of us. In fact, 5,200 new dangers and just as many reasons to support ICE and immigration reform.