Hunter Biden Used Dead Brother as Cover for Rehab Stay

‘When it rains, it pours,’ is a famous saying. And for former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, it couldn’t be more accurate. As you well know, Hunter Biden has been investigated for several instances in the last year, starting with the accusation that was heavily involved in the corruption of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. But now he is also being considered for identify theft against his own dead brother.

I know. It’s sick, right? To even consider using your dead sibling’s identity as your own is bad enough. But to then employ it as a means to hide your wrongdoings or cover up your own mistakes is absolutely atrocious.

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here. To really understand Hunter Biden, we have to take a little bit of a closer look at his history.

For starters, he was the son of a well-to-do senator. And as such, he got pretty much whatever he wanted. He got into the best schools, seemingly carrying on his father’s legacy. He attended Georgetown University and later Yale Law School.

He then went on to serve on many boards for companies that were affiliated with his father’s political campaigns. However, none of them seemed to last very long.

Many have concluded that his constant problem with drugs and alcohol contributed to his career failures. This was only confirmed when he was approved for a staff position in the U.S. Navy Reserves in 2013 only to be dishonorably discharged mere weeks later after failing a drug test. It was concluded that cocaine had been found in Biden’s system.

But his daddy’s money and political presence allowed him to recover quickly and gain the attention of billion-dollar companies like BHR Partners and Burisma Holdings, both of which he has been accused of dealing in corrupt practices to the tune of millions of dollars.

As for his personal life, Hunter married young and started a family. But when his brother, Beau, died in 2015, it didn’t take long for him to put things on hold with his wife and the mother of his three children to have a couple-year fling with Beau’s widow, who he later cheated on. And as a result, he fathered another child.

Only this one has caused him a little more grief. When 28-year-old ex-stripper Lundon Alexis Roberts came forward claiming that Hunter was the father of her 17-month-old child, he denied having ever knowing the woman. However, according to court documents filed last week in the paternity case against him, Judge Holly Meyer said that the DNA test proved “near scientific certainty” that Biden is the “biological and legal father” of the child.

During the paternity case, a private investigator, Dominic Casey, was hired to find out more about Biden. It was discovered that in 2016, he was enrolled in a rehab facility in Arizona. But rather than add this stint as just another in a long line of rehab stays to his name, he used his dead brother’s name.

Casey found evidence from the local police department that showed that Hunter was trying to hide his real identity by using his brothers. This evidence includes “suspicious items” a cellular telephone belonging to Shauna Stanglr, who is also known as Puma St. Angel, and a Delaware attorney general badge belonging to Hunter Biden’s deceased brother Joseph R. Beau Biden III” that was found in the Hertz rental car used by Biden.

Hunter was also known to have used his brother’s identity, in the form of his wallet with the badge still in it, when he traveled.

Talk about a sick and twisted individual. I understand wanting to carry a piece of your lost family with you, but his identity is entirely different. Then again, so is destroying the family you created to sleep with your dead brother’s wife.

No, wonder President Trump has a problem with him having his hands in anything related to our country’s well-being.

He said it all when he stated, “Where’s Hunter? Here’s a guy, made no money, got thrown out of the military forces, I think the Navy, got thrown out, had no job, had no nothing. So he went from that to making millions of dollars a year as soon as Sleepy Joe became vice president, right?”

No one could ever blame him with the facts stacked against Hunter Biden.