Illegals Need to Get Ready to Pay

It is time for the loony liberals to wake up and smell the coffee. Their time in politics is coming to an end. This past week the president has made it clear that illegal immigrants that fail to report to their court date will have to pay fines for their refusal to take care of their obligations to enter the country legally. Most illegal aliens claim asylum to get into the country but fail to report to the asylum hearing to make their case. The reason why is that they are not really being truthful about their asylum claim.

The devious Democrats like illegal aliens because they want their votes to count. They want illegals in the country because that is the only way they can win. Tell a bunch of uninformed people you care about them and tell them to vote in favor of the demonic Democratic party, and they will have everything they want. Except they never receive anything because the Democrats are liars.

The fines that President Trump is charging illegals are going to help solve the problem. The fines are heavy, and they are being placed on all illegal aliens. Edith Espinal was ordered over two years ago to leave the county, and she has refused. Now she has a $500,000 fine against her. These are the kinds of fines that all illegals are going to receive soon if they do not leave the country.

ICE has the authority to issue such fines to people that are living here illegally. These people are a drag on the American people and must leave. President Trump is getting ready to deport millions very soon if Congress does not get to work on fixing the legal problem with immigration. Except the House has failed in their work and now it is time for deportations to start.

Each refusing illegal will be hit with a fine of about $3,000. Each day that they are in the country illegally will result in an additional $500 being added to the fine. There really is no report out that has declared how many people are set to receive the fine, but the fine is coming. The heroes of ICE have been receiving a bad report from the media and the destructive Democrats for years. But they continue to the job that no one else wants to do because they believe that American people need to be safe.

ICE stated in a briefing that “ICE is committed to using various enforcement methods — including arrest; detention; technological monitoring; and financial penalties — to enforce U.S. immigration law and maintain the integrity of legal orders issued by judges.” The agency is committed to the country they serve, and they deserve the support and backing of the people they protect.

The deportation of thousands of illegal immigrants is set to happen again after the July 4th holiday. 10 cities are on the list to be targeted and those illegal people living there are going on a trip back to their true home. They will be deported and sent home. Something that they should have done themselves when they were ordered to leave.

The dumb Democrats have dragged their feet for nearly three years until the issue of immigration has become an election issue. They want to use the situation to gain support for their wacky ideas that will only hurt people in the long run. President Trump is more concerned about the well-being of the legal people that call America home.

The illegal aliens are people sucking the life out of the United States. They don’t support the nation through taxes, and they certainly do not pay for their share of the medical expenses they have through medical care.

President Trump should have all illegal aliens deported as soon as possible. The lazy left has had their chance and now it is time for the president to at on behalf of the millions of Americans that are tired of being taking advantage of by illegals. The lazy left should be deported too for their support of illegals and their lack of support of true American citizens.