LGBT Students Bully Conservatives at Christian School

For years the left has touted that we should be all-encompassing, all-loving, and all against inequality. And yet it seems in many cases that they are the only ones found to be the opposite. One such example of this is located in Waco, Texas, on the campus of Baylor University.

Baylor is a respected private Christian school that is specifically Baptist. As such, everyone on campus is to be held to more traditional biblical teachings. However, that doesn’t mean they discriminate against any who don’t believe the same. The university has even openly stated that it is inclusive and cares about LGBT students who wish to attend.

With that being said, the school has also noted that “Baylor students will not participate in advocacy groups which promote understandings of sexuality that are contrary to biblical teaching.” This includes “heterosexual sex outside of marriage and homosexual behavior.” Therefore, the school will not officially recognize a group of LGBTQ students known as GAY or Gamma Alpha Upsilon.

However, the students involved with the organization are not harassed, expelled, treated wrongly, banned from congregating or given lesser grades based on their sexual identity. Neither do they have to hide any of their relationships or their gender/sexual identities in any way. It is understood that any LGBT student who attends the university is aware of the school’s policies and has chosen to abide by them.

And yet this particular group of students is starting to cause problems with other groups on campus, in particular, the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), which is a traditionally conservative based organization within the school.

According to LGBTQ Nation, “The LBGTQ students, united under the Greek letters Gamma Alpha Upsilon (GAY), say that YAF has made baseless accusations that GAY ‘is violent and (has) intentionally threatened or sabotaged their members/meetings’ by tearing down YAF event fliers and disrupting meetings.”

But as it turns out, these accusations are not as baseless as the group claims. The organization even admits that some of its students have torn down fliers and actively voiced “displeasure over YAF’s conservative speakers.” However, they claim that it is done by individual members and not the group as a whole and, therefore, is not an accurate accusation.

But what else should it be considered when group members and even some leading members organize petitions that “denounce” YAF’s speaking events, such as one where Matt Walsh was expected to speak. The petitions contained “thousands of signatures, as well as an attempt to have the event canceled, claiming Walsh’s presence on campus threatened the physical and emotional well being of students and faculty.”

When the event was not canceled as GAY hoped, protests by group members began to be organized. In an attempt to quell these protests the school’s multicultural department planned a counter-event called a “love feast.” However, group members then used this event to try and dissuade students from attending YAF’s event. One student tweeted, “Don’t give YAF & their speaker the attention they crave. Instead, attend Dia Love Feast, an alternative event celebrating the diversity that makes Baylor great.”

While it is entirely acceptable and even encouraged to hold events that celebrate diversity, those events should never be held or promoted as a way to discourage or discriminate against others.

What this and any other attempt to “sabotage” other groups on campus is, in actuality is bullying. These students for whatever reason don’t agree with YAF’s conservative viewpoints, which is fine. But they take it to a whole new level and make themselves into hypocrites when they harass and discriminate against others just because they don’t believe the same.

In this case, YAF has done an exceptional job of not fighting fire with fire. They have not made any effort to ban or even silence the LGBT group or their activities. All they have done is ask that the group stops treating them with such disdain. After all, isn’t that what any group wants, to be treated with respect and fairness, no matter what their beliefs.

And yet, just like the left that has trained them, this group’s only solution to getting what they want, (official school recognition) is to silence viewpoints that differ in any way from theirs. The left and the LGBT community as a whole has pushed that they are accepted as who they are and not asked to change. Yet, it’s clear no one else is to be given the same regard.