Muslin PA Rep Does More Than Raise Eyebrows After Getting Offended

Politicians seem to be the first ones to be offended lately – and the first ones to do something criminal. Pennsylvania is the latest state to make the headlines, giving California a fun run for its money when it comes to crazy, crooked politicians.

Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell was a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, serving less than a full year. The Democrat made history as being the first female Muslim member of the state’s House, yet she brought shame onto the community with her actions.

She has done nothing but criticize the way things have been done, including being offended by a Christian prayer. She’s been Muslim, making headlines, too, with pricy vacations to Mexico, strutting around town in fur coats, and even driving a Porsche.

That expensive lifestyle obviously didn’t fit her income as a politician, so she decided to help herself to the piggy bank in order to pay off all of those debts.

Johnson-Harrell has been charged with allegedly stealing $500,000 from MECA (Motivations Education & Consultation Associates) a charity that she founded. The charity was designed to collect donations in order to help seniors, children, and the homeless. The charges include theft, tampering, and perjury according to Josh Shapiro, the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Shapiro has alleged that the money was spent on luxury car payments, real estate purchases, designer clothing, past-due mortgage payments, and a variety of other personal expenses.

According to the statement that Shapiro released, she confessed to the crimes, turned herself in, and has agreed to resign from her position within the state legislature. He identified that her thievery “knew no bounds.”

Her lawyers released a statement via the Associated Press to argue that she did dispute some of the charges. Johnson-Harrell said that she’s “saddened and dismayed” by the nature of the allegations. As someone who sat in the state legislature, one would think that she knew the difference between right and wrong. She’s likely more saddened that she was caught more than anything else.

Johnson-Harrell said that she “vigorously disputes” many of the allegations against her. That didn’t stop her from accepting responsibility and stepping down from her position. Her side of the story makes things sound a lot different. Perhaps if she was willing to play by the rules more, she’d still be able to represent her state and use MECA for good. Instead, she didn’t play by the rules – and she was caught spending half a million dollars from her charity on herself.

It seems as though she thought she was above the law. Shapiro was there to remind her that she’s not – and that her “position of power” does not entitle her to a different set of laws than others have to abide by. Officials have already stated that she will be pleading guilty to many of the charges, including theft and perjury.

While she may be willing to dispute some of the charges, she has already pleaded guilty to some of the more important ones, demonstrating that she was not the upstanding citizen that people thought she was when they voted her in, helping her to make history as the first female Muslim.

The 53-year-old Democrat has now made history in a different way due to her greed and thievery. She goes down in history as being the 60th public official in the state of Pennsylvania to be arrested by Shapiro’s office in the past two years.

Prosecutors have a significant amount of proof to use against Johnson-Harrell, including checks written out to ‘cash’ from MECA’s account, as well as MECA, being the one to pay for three-row houses that the Democratic Representative bought that matched her mortgage payments exactly. Those buildings were meant to serve as a personal care home – yet the residents were living in squalor. Once state health officials threatened to shutter them, MECA kicked the residents out though kept paying rent to Johnson-Harrell.

While it was a good gig for over a decade, Johnson-Harrell has been discovered. She can no longer live the good life at the expense of donors who thought they were donating to a worthy cause. Meanwhile, her political career is over, lasting only nine months all because she was a greedy, savage Democrat who thought that she was above the law. It serves as a reminder for all politicians who are part of the swamp that Trump wants to drain: They’re not above the law. At some point or another, justice will be served. Thanks to Shapiro, Johnson-Harrell’s political career is now dead and buried.