Raleigh Teen Hissed at for Pro-Life Idea by Demented Dems

Who would have thought that adults could be so cruel to a young child that they would hiss and boo at her while giving a pro-life speech at a city council meeting in Raleigh, NC? But this is exactly what one comes to expect from the loony liberals that believe that it is just fine to murder an innocent baby. The demonized Democratic adults in the room showed what kind of demons they were when they refused to maintain order and allow a child to have her few minutes of constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech.

This teen wants to include the city of Raleigh, NC as one of the many cities in the nation as a sanctuary city. Not for illegals or criminals to hide but for the babies that are not yet born. The racist liberals in the room yelled at the child to not speak on behalf of women and African-Americans. But as the council member reminded everyone that he is of African descent, and he had to allow her to speak because it is her right as a citizen of the United States. These liberal demons that yelled at this little child fail to understand that she is a lady as well and she is not speaking for women. She is speaking for those who believe abortion is murder.

The young teen Addison Woosley is a hero for the unborn as she would say, “On ultrasounds, the baby tries to run away from the disturbing instruments that try to kill the baby,” she said. “The baby’s mouth opens wide in a scream when being killed. These babies are alive. They feel being killed. It hurts them and there is nothing they can do about it. There is no way around it. Abortion is murder.” She is calling abortion what it is and that is murder.

Later on in her speech, she referred to slavery in an attempt to help people see that the way they see slavery is terrible, and she hoped that they would see abortion that way. But that is when the liberal demons flooded the room with their hisses and threats toward this little girl. She called on everyone to be like Martin Luther King Jr. and stand up for what is right. Abortion is wrong, and she wanted the city to see that point of truth. The crazy leftist Democrats cannot seem to get around the fact that every person is human no matter their color of skin. It is not about being black or white. It is about respecting each other as a human and that goes for the unborn as well.

This teen hero stood her ground and pointed people to the truth of what abortion is. There was not one person in that room that could silence this little hero. The Mayor told the hissers that the teen had every right to say what she did. It is her right. But the loony left would try to silence the freedom of speech that the defenders of life have in this country. Because they do like being called what they are and that is a murderer.

The police had to be called in the calm the abortionists because they were starting to riot in the room. But that is what the crazy liberals do. They get upset when their views are challenged and will threaten and beat up any person that disagrees with them. They do this because they know deep down they are in the wrong and there is nothing that they can do about it to make it acceptable.

The issue of abortion is very divisive. It is as the teen described as the nation’s modern-day issue of slavery. The liberal left chooses not to face the truth of their murderous acts and call killing a baby abortion, so they can ease their conscience. Those that choose abortion often do so out of convenience. It is the same reason why Amy Richards would kill two of her three babies before they were born because she did not want to care for all three of them. She selectively decided to murder two of her kids because she did not want to have to care for them properly.