How Trump Plans to Deport a Million Illegal Aliens from California

Aleksandr Ryzhov /
Aleksandr Ryzhov /

President Donald Trump has promised the American people that he will rescue them from the damage that Joe Biden’s open border policies have done to our country. That includes rounding up millions of illegal aliens, all of whom are criminals, and deporting them. Setting aside the pointless hyperventilating of the mainstream media and the illegal alien lobby, what would this look like? How would the largest deportation operation in human history take place? President Trump’s top immigration advisor from his first term in office explained the details on a recent podcast episode with Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA.

Joe Biden has already done incalculable harm to our country because he refuses to enforce even the most basic of American immigration laws. We’ll be dealing with the fallout from the crime, social consequences, and weird jungle diseases that the illegals have brought into our country with them for years to come.

“They’re poisoning the blood of our country,” President Trump has said, in reference to the 240,000 Americans who have died from fentanyl overdoses during Biden’s illegitimate three years in the White House.

Trump has promised to launch “the biggest domestic deportation campaign in American history” on the very first day of his new administration. Stephen Miller says this will be accomplished by assembling a “gigantic force” that will include National Guard troops to begin rounding up all the illegals. The illegals will be transported to camps assembled in Texas and then expelled from the country.

How many could Trump reasonably expel from the country?

“A very conservative estimate would say about 10 million,” says Miller. The plans include scooping up at least a million illegals in the sanctuary state of California. If California refuses to cooperate, Miller says that Trump has the authority to send National Guard troops from Texas and other states to enforce America’s immigration laws.

Miller says the plan is “as daring and ambitious … as building the Panama Canal.”

Assuming that President Trump wins for the third consecutive time in November, does he have the authority to carry out such a plan? According to many legal scholars, he absolutely does.

All that Trump has to do is invoke the Insurrection Act and he can deploy Texas troops to California to enforce federal immigration law.

“The Insurrection Act gives the president sweeping authority,” moans William Banks, a liberal professor emeritus of law at Syracuse University.

Even if California’s Governor, Gavin “Hair Gel Hitler” Newsom, tries to sue Trump to stop him, he will undoubtedly fail.

“No state has ever sued successfully to stop a deployment of the Guard under the Insurrection Act,” notes Joseph Nunn of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University.

Anyone who says that a deportation operation of this size cannot possibly succeed hasn’t been paying attention. Another country that is far less competent than America is currently carrying out a similar operation.

After Joe Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban, hundreds of thousands of Afghan citizens fled to neighboring countries. Pakistanis are not huge fans of Afghans, so their military began rounding them up, loading them onto trains, sending them back to Afghanistan, and telling them, “Don’t come back.” The Pakistani troops usually seize all the property and money from the Afghan illegals, just to make it as difficult as possible for them to try to come back.

Since October, Pakistan has been deporting an average of 250,000 illegal aliens from Afghanistan every month. We’re hoping that President Trump will easily be able to top that figure.