The Fate of Fox News Following Murdoch’s Departure 

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stocklight / shutterstock.comAt 92 years old, Rupert Murdoch, unlike President Joe Biden, knows when it’s time to step down. Earlier this week, the media mogul announced his departure, ending a 70-year reign in the news spotlight.  The Australian media tycoon began his journey in the media world nearly seven decades ago, back in 1954. He took charge […]

Oliver Anthony Gets Huge Pay Off for Objecting to High Ticket Prices

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red mango / shutterstock.comAt this point, it’s a bit unlikely that you haven’t heard of newcomer Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond.” But as it and his other music increase in popularity, don’t think Anthony is taking any of that to his head. In fact, he’s ensuring that you aren’t paying too much to see him perform […]

Biden to Booby Traps White House for GOP Presidents

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Fred Duval / shutterstock.comIf there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that bureaucrats like power. And thanks to Democratic and dementia-ridden President Joe Biden, they have gotten lots of it in the past few years. There’s no way they’d be happy about giving all that up should say someone like Donald Trump or even Ron DeSantis […]

The Truth About the Missing F-35 You Should Know About

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BlueBarronPhoto / shutterstock.comIf you didn’t already know, the US government, and particularly the Pentagon, has a nasty habit of not being so careful with their resources. The recent and sudden disappearance of an F-35 is yet another example. It all took place on Sunday, according to statements put out by entertainment news site MEAWW. The plane, an […]

Racist Joe Biden Says Black and Hispanic Workers Don’t Have High School Diplomas

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Sean Locke Photography / shutterstock.comWe must be heading into another presidential election season since Joe Biden has started hurling racist insults everywhere in his day-to-day speeches. As he was bragging about how he has destroyed the American economy last week, Biden actually claimed that blacks and Hispanics don’t have high school diplomas. Great job, Joe! Keep it up! It […]

Stephen King’s Trump Obsession Spills Over in Newest Book

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Eyesonmilan / shutterstock.comIt’s no secret that Donald Trump isn’t the most favorite of the political left. In fact, there’s even an obsessive condition quite a few seem to have related to the former president. And as is obvious from his latest book, author Stephen King most definitely has it. It’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome, and as its […]

Aliens Like You Never Expected Are Coming Here From…Everywhere? Even From Outerspace?

FOTOKITA / shutterstock.comFor decades now, we have been told not to worry about the glow in the sky, the floating lights, or the strange-colored smoke seen in the forest. Now in 2023, the US and other governments are starting to publicly acknowledge the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), as well as alien life. In many comment […]

Odessa, Texas Becomes Latest to Ban COVID Mandates
shutterstock.comIf you haven’t heard, COVID is back. Naturally, that means the political left is trying to reinstitute all the ridiculous mandates of 2020. But Odessa, Texas, is having none of it. According to CBS News, three new strands or variants of COVID-19 are making their way across the nation. And just in time for a […]

Bud Light to Join Dylan Mulvaney Again?

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lev radin / shutterstock.comIt’s hard to imagine disgraced Bud Light joining up with anyone like transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney any time soon. But that hasn’t stopped Mulvaney from hoping they change their minds in the future. According to a recent Mulvaney interview by The Cut, Dylan hopes that “Maybe it’s epic… if in like 10 years I got […]

Satire: NASA “Finds” Faraway Planet That Could Sustain Life; Biden Already Poised To Offer Them Citizenship

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Kidsada Manchinda / shutterstock.comJust in time for September 11th, the American government and NASA are giving us an entirely new illegal alien to fear, and President Biden is already racing to tell people to embrace it. Identified as an exoplanet titled K2-18 b, researchers say it is over eight times the size of the Earth and potentially has […]