Homeowner Kills Three Robbers In a Shootout

The very first law when it came to self-defense killings allowed was only if the person was proven to have broken inside your home you had the right to kill them if it was a home invasion.  If the person was shot on the inside of the house, and forced entry determined, it was an open and shut case.  The one pulling the trigger was in the clear and no charges would be filed against the shooter.  That was the only way a person would get off scot-free with no questions asked by killing another human being.  Most shootings were much harder to determine when it came to outside killings in self-defense.  In Georgia, on Monday morning, a homeowner shot and killed three juveniles who wore ski masks and opened fire outside the home and at the homeowner.

Cases like these go back to the George Zimmerman case where the “stand your ground” law was born.  Some would go back further to the Old Western days when self-defense was much easier to get away with.  Someone pulls a gun on you, and you shoot them in self-defense, case closed and the story ended.  In Rockdale County, Georgia, two 16-year-olds and one 15- year-old were killed after they tried to rob a homeowner and got what they deserved.  If a person steals from another person with the intent to kill, then they deserve to be killed.  If they would stay home or do something constructive, they would still be alive.

Since the suspects were all juveniles, the names will not be released, and the sheriff’s office will not release any information until all family members from Conyers, Georgia are notified.  The homeowner was taken into police headquarters for questioning.  The only report released was from Eric Levett, the police chief, stating, “It could be a ‘stand your ground’ type case, based on the preliminary [information] that we have learned so far.”

Later on, authorities released this statement explaining the situation, “The three teens allegedly approached the home and attempted to rob three people in the front yard, the sheriff’s office said Monday night. One of the attempted robbery suspects purportedly brandished a handgun and fired shots at the residents before one returned fire. All three attempted robbery suspects were killed during the exchange.”

Levett told ABC News, “The victims of the attempted robbery were all uninjured. No charges have been filed against anyone in the case.  Deputies found two guns at the scene, but have yet to determine to whom the weapons belonged.”  He continued, “The men were found outside the home when deputies arrived. One man was pronounced dead at the scene, and the two others were transported to a local hospital where they were pronounced dead.”

A neighbor, who was also a witness told ABC News there were gunshots fired around 4 a.m. Monday morning and he ran to see what was going on outside, “It was five shots, and then it sounded like a handgun. Then I heard somebody have an assault rifle. And it was a slew of shots that came out.”

In the George Zimmerman case, Zimmerman feared for his life when attacked by 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.  He shot and killed Martin in the altercation in 2012.  The case made national headlines as it turned into a racial issue and was also used by Democrats to push gun control laws like they always do.  Zimmerman was charged with murder but was acquitted in July 2013 when he stated he had no other option because he “feared for his life.”  This is when the “Stand your ground” law was made for those who “have no other choice” but to pull the trigger.  It protects the victim outside of their home from charges being filed against them.  In the lesser sentence, most were always charged with manslaughter, but in cases of self-defense, it’s not fair to an innocent person who is minding their own business.  This law and the Second Amendment go hand in hand.

We all have the right to defend ourselves and the “right to bear arms.”  The “stand your ground” law saved the homeowner from being charged with any crimes.  Nothing can be scarier than having someone open fire on you or your home.  Our instincts would only be to defend ourselves by making the incident stop, even if it means taking another person’s life.  It is a horrible reality but good to see the homeowner was not treated as a suspect.