Three Mass Shootings Averted

Over the weekend, there were three men arrested in three different locations who had the potential and motivation to commit mass shootings.  All three had posted on social media and had the evidence leaning toward a mass amount of people who were about to be murdered.  FBI and authorities stopped these shooters dead in their tracks before anyone was seriously injured or killed.  The public and social media led to all three peacefully being arrested.

The first was arrested in Connecticut.  Brandon Wagshol showed heavy interest in mass shootings on social media post which alerted Norwalk Police and the FBI.  Wagshol has his bond set at $250,000 and was charged with illegal possession of a large number of capacity magazines.

There was a tip-off to the police Wagshol was going to buy “large-capacity rifle magazines from out of state.”  When Police and the FBI found Wagshol, he was working on building a rifle.  After the search warrant was issued, the police stated they found, “multiple weapons, including a handgun, a rifle, a rifle scope with a laser, numerous rounds of ammunition, body armor, a ballistic helmet, and other tactical gear.  It was allegedly stated he told his ex “A good 100 kills would be nice.”

In Daytona Beach Florida, Tristan Scott Wix was the next one to be arrested and charged.  He was picked up at a Winn Dixie parking lot.  Wix texted multiple disturbing messages to his ex-girlfriend, which led everyone to believe he was going to plan and execute a mass shooting.  His ex alerted the police, and the Volusia County Sheriff’s office took it from there.

Wix was 25 years old, and according to the sheriff’s office, he already had his target set.  Another of Wix’s messages read, “A school is a weak target… I’d be more likely to open fire on a large crowd of people from over 3 miles away. I’d wanna break a world record for longest confirmed kill ever.”

He added to the message about how he was ready to die, and he wanted to “have fun doing it.”

At Wix’s apartment, Sheriff Michael Chitwood told CNN, “Authorities had recovered a .22-caliber hunting rifle and 400 rounds of ammo in Wix’s apartment. Wix had initially told investigators he did not own any firearms but that he was fascinated with mass shootings.”  It was unclear if Wix had an attorney, but he was arrested and charged for threatening a Jewish community center.  He is also held without bond.

The third one was in Ohio, James Patrick Reardon, 20 years old, threatened to shoot up a Youngstown Jewish community center.  This would have made a second mass murder in Ohio in less than a month had it been carried out.

Reardon posted on Instagram showing a man firing off a gun which had the community center tagged in the post.  Chief Vincent D’Egidio told CNN the post was showed to an officer who was on another call not related to Reardon’s case.

The executive vice president of the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation, Andy Lipkin stated, “The post was accompanied by a caption that read, “Police identified the Youngstown Jewish Family Community shooter as a local white nationalist.”  Lipkin added, “Seamus O’Rearedon Seamus is a Gaelic version of Reardon’s name.

D’Egidio also told CNN, “The rest of the Instagram account contained anti-Semitic comments, white nationalist content, and images of Reardon or someone else shooting guns.  A search warrant was executed, and authorities found a cache of weapons and ammunition.”

Reardon was arrested peacefully and charged with one count of telecommunications harassment and one count of aggravated menacing.  His arraignment happened on Monday.

All of these cases could have been more tears and more bloodshed.  With the crazies, we have in this world we have our police officers and the FBI to thank for stopping these mass shootings cold turkey.  Social media also has an alert which is triggered by the text and pictures put into it which alert authorities.

There is always someone monitoring the post 24/7, and they will get caught in the event these types of post are sent out online.  Many say it could have been the deadliest shootings of our time but would these have been orchestrated like the others?

They all are, and the people behind it are evil.  People are more in tune with letting authorities know when something doesn’t seem right.  This also helps to give authorities the upper hand when dealing with these situations.