Transgender Stripper Hired by a Seattle Official

A Seattle official decided that a conference to combat homelessness needed a bit more entertainment. Unfortunately, this led the official to be placed on administrative leave. The problem? The entertainment was in the form of a transgender stripper who decided to work on all of the people in attendance.

There are so many problems with what was done that it’s hard to figure out where to begin. First of all, the transgender entertainer was hired with taxpayer money. Then, it all goes downhill from there.

Beyoncé Black St. James was the name of the performer. Showing up in a sheer bodysuit and dancing topless, the performer kissed attendees, gave lap dances, and made everyone uncomfortable.

The conference in South Seattle was for All Home, complete with a catered lunch.

Seattle and King County leaders decided that it would be a good idea to hire a transgender stripper. There is even video to show the full extent of the entertainment provided.

The acting director of All Home, Kira Zylstra, was disciplined. All Home is responsible for managing the homelessness throughout King County, Washington. The perverse entertainment was hardly appreciated. No one expected the stripper to appear and the level of entertainment was “uncomfortable” according to attendees.

Christopher Rufo, a former candidate for the Seattle City Council, says that this incident is “emblematic” of the problems that plague the government in Seattle. He says that the video says everything that people need to know about radical ideology and how identity politics are placed above solving real problems.

Seattle has been claiming for years that they need more resources to solve the homeless problem. However, the video clearly demonstrates that they have money to pay a transgender stripper. How anyone would think that this would be appropriate for a taxpayer-funded organization is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

City officials have declined any further comments. The incident is being further investigated to find out how Kira Zylstra found this to be an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars and why that type of entertainment was booked. Additionally, it is likely that someone will need to answer for how it was approved considering one person was probably not solely responsible for the decision.

Meanwhile, most of the people in attendance who thought they were simply enjoying a catered lunch and talking about the homelessness plaguing their city got more than they bargained for.

As Christopher Rufo commented on Twitter, the city decided to “pay for a transgender stripper to grind” on those who were in attendance.

The video of the stripper, meanwhile, has been circulating all over news outlets. If Seattle hasn’t felt disgraced enough, they should after these antics. There’s really not much that they can say or do to get out of this one since a video was captured at the event and all of the attendees have come forward to corroborate the story.

As for the mayor’s take on what happened at the homelessness conference? She’s been staying pretty silent on the whole thing. It’s probably for the best. What exactly is she supposed to say? It’s more colorful than what the attendees ever expected for entertainment, and it’s not like she personally booked (or approved) the entertainment.

The ‘identity politics’ concept has been showing up in more and more cities as the liberals want to make a point about inclusion. This tool has been wielded considerably to talk about the concerns over racial, ethnic, sexual, and other aspects of identities that people are dealing with.

The problem is that identity politics typically only focus on a very small group of individuals as opposed to focusing on some of the more traditional, broad aspects of politics. The far left don’t want to deal with the broad aspects of politics because it’s too difficult – they would rather shove identity politics into everyone’s faces – and what was done in Seattle with the transgender stripper is a typical response.

While every group deserves their rights, there is a time and a place for all of this. There was no reason to bring in a transgender aspect to the homeless conference as it took away from the needs of one group in order to shed light on another. This seemed to be the point – if they could get everyone riled up over a twerking transgender entertainer, it would take their minds off of the fact that there are thousands of homeless people in need of city resources throughout the streets of Seattle. The only problem is that it backfired in a big way.