Why Collagen Should Be a Part of Your Daily Regimen

Iryna Pohrebna/shutterstock.com

The body is capable of making a number of proteins that helps with regulatory functions. These proteins are produced as a result of the vitamins and minerals that we feed our bodies. Unfortunately, however, not all proteins are produced in the quantities that we need to not only survive but also thrive.

According to a Harvard University study, approximately 70% of older adults use some kind of multivitamin or supplement to ensure they get the support their bodies need.co

Collagen is one supplement that should be a part of your daily regimen, and for good reason. The protein is responsible for a significant number of things happening in your body. While your body produces this protein, it becomes more difficult as you age.

Any existing collagen that you have in your body starts to break down over time, too. It can lead to problems in your bones, muscles, skin, and even your blood. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has also conducted various studies to show that some health problems can cause collagen to breakdown at an even faster rate.

The good news is that collagen can be consumed daily so that you are able to give your body what it needs to support bone density, improve joint strength, and accelerate tissue recovery. Knowing all that collagen is responsible for can make it easier for you to focus on the right supplements.

Collagen is the protein that is used by your body to maintain the elasticity of your skin while also supporting your healthy joints. It’s found in your bones, your muscles, and your blood. Three-quarters of your skin is made up of collagen, and it is about a third of the protein within your body.

With more collagen in your body, you can make sure that your skin is properly hydrated, which also means eliminating various creases and wrinkles.

The protein will also add to your bone density so that they will be less brittle and won’t break as easily. This can also help your body to produce new bone, healing any small fractures that you may encounter.

Collagen is also capable of hydrating and repairing your muscles and joints. The supplements can serve as a pain reliever and help to improve joint function. You’ll find that you can move easier and with more flexibility. WebMD published a study in 2019 that estimated that U.S. consumers are expected to spend over $290 million in collagen products a year. Jessica Sansavera, a mother of two in her 30s said that she has explored collagen for a number of reasons. “It is not a miracle pill, but I absolutely believe the collagen is helping.”

Collagen along with a strength training routine can help you to increase your strength and muscle mass.

Collagen is also a big part of your hair and nails. You are less likely to experience hair thinning when you’re on daily supplements. You’ll have more hair coverage on your scalp and the fullness can be dramatic. Your nails won’t break as easily and they may grow faster, too.

Your body can produce collagen at any age, but it becomes increasingly harder past 50. You’d need to feed your body a significant number of foods every day. For example, you need proline, which is found in such foods as egg whites and asparagus. You also need glycine, found in chicken skin and gelatin. Additionally, you need Vitamin C, such as what is found in bell peppers and citrus fruits.

Think you’re done? Not quite. You also need zinc, like what is found in lentils, shellfish, and cheese. And don’t forget copper, which is what you’ll find in sesame seeds and organ meats.

You could consume all of those so that you feed your body the necessary ingredients to produce collagen. Or, you can simply buy a collagen supplement. Many are available in a powder, allowing you to whisk your way toward a delicious shake that will supply your body with what it needs to be healthier and stronger.

With collagen being such an important protein, you have to make sure that your body has plenty of it. Finding a quality supplement can be just what you need to be stronger and healthier.