Woman Committing Welfare Fraud Brags About Her Purchases

There are constant reports about people committing welfare fraud. It’s entirely too easy to receive the benefits, and some people are working the system so that they can live their best life – at the expense of millions of hard-working American taxpayers.

What’s worse is that there are some people who not only commit welfare fraud but brag about it online to anyone who will listen.

A woman in California made an online video to talk about how well she’s done for herself by taking advantage of the welfare system, as well as all of the “perks” that she gets. She explains how, with EBT, she is able to get food, go to fast-food restaurants, and more. She’s also able to get free daycare.

The welfare system has been broken for quite some time. Democrats are the ones responsible for keeping citizens, like this California woman, working the system. She’s fully able to work – she just doesn’t want to.

Democrats are allowing the system to stay broken because they know that they’ll get the vote. People who enjoy the benefits of a broken system will keep voting Democrat so they don’t have to get up and get a job.

The worst is how brazen this California woman is when she’s talking about how she uses all of the money. She explains that one of the benefits that she gets is daycare money from the state. She gets money for each child so that they can go to daycare. She then uses a friend for daycare and splits the money with them.

She has spent more time trying to figure out how to get money out of the government than trying to get a job. After all, what kind of incentive is there for her to work when she is getting as much money as she is from the state? She goes on to ask people, “Who would want to work in America?”