Words of Hate Under a New York Bridge

Things have lightened up quite a bit for cops across the nation, but the hard times for police officers are far from over.  When Obama took office, he said there was going to be “A Change.”  He never said it was going to “change” for the good.  In fact, for police officers, it became a living nightmare.  Democrats and Obama are to blame for the hatred of cops because they used stereotyping and the media to make all cops seem like they are out to get every black person or anyone different than them.  This is not true at all and cops are still getting the backlash of the hatred from Obama’s reign as president.

President Trump has restored most of the faith back in law enforcement, but there has been a substantial amount of damage inflicted into people’s mindset from the media being played like puppets from the Democrats who own them.  Are there bad officers?  Yes, sure there are, but there is nowhere near as many as the media and Democrats portray.  There are also bad people in this world, but we do not say all people are evil.  Only snowflake Democrats!

For the most part, things have gotten better, but there are still certain areas of the United States that have a hate problem against cops.  In those areas, cops still are feeling the results of the damage inflicted by the Left, and they are still being threatened and attacked.  In New York, some people were innocently walking under a bridge and looked up to find hate in all its infamous glory.

There was a huge sign under the bridge which read, “more dead cops.”  The sign also had an anarchy sign painted on it as well.  Cops and the New York citizens took notice as Melissa Pedersen posted on social media from Channel 10 News with the hashtags of who are these people, shaking my head, and just wrong.

She posted this statement, “Antifa strikes again w/ More Dead Cops sign in NY.  ‘More Dead Cops’ banner disturbs the local community.  A troubling sign displayed on Route 9 Sunday provoked outrage and raised questions about limitations of free speech.”

A resident, Jonathan Falk, stated, “It’s absolute horror, we’re talking about people that put their lives on the line every day for strangers.   They are getting so disrespected.”  After the phone calls flooded the police station the sign was removed not long after from the Albany, New York bridge.

The sign had only three words on it, but it was enough to alarm the residence and police.  One of the worst cop-killing incidents was in 2016 when five of Dallas police officers were killed in the line of duty.  All of them were family men, kept the peace, and protected the public.

In San Antonio, Texas, there was an officer shot in the head while he was patrolling the neighborhood in his vehicle.  Another officer who was serving a warrant was shot just doing his job.  There have been so many others, the news media does not even cover.  They only cover the ones that matter to Democrats except for just a few to try and keep things legit without scaring the public.

Luckily, the community was on the lookout to warn the police of the anarchist leftist criminals.  Nowadays, it is more deadly to be a cop than it was twenty or more years ago.  People have found a way to exercise their rights in a way to hurt others by taking away their rights because “it offends them.”

Then, everything becomes blown out of proportion, and when the cops get called to keep the peace, they end up getting shot or killed by leftist snowflakes who couldn’t stop crying about their feelings getting hurt.  This is the type of world we live in today.  Retired local police Captain John Cooney stated, “The perpetrators are ignorant, and police will continue to be resilient despite this minor incident.  We will continue to do our job and serve the citizens as we always have.”

Most people do not realize how much the police department has to endure every single day they are out there on the streets protecting the public.  In shootings, local law enforcements begin to arrive within one to two minutes.  It is funny, but it is not, the same people who attack the cops either verbally or physically are the same ones who call on the police when they need help.