Warning Signs: China’s AI Election Meddling Serves as a Harbinger for US Elections in 2024

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BeeBright / shutterstock.comThe revelations of China’s extensive disinformation campaign during Taiwan’s recent national elections serve as a compelling harbinger for the potential challenges awaiting the United States in its own electoral process in November. According to Taiwanese officials and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) briefing reporters at the National Press Club, Chinese actors allegedly employed various tactics, including the […]

Victory for Fair Play: NAIA Bans Trans-Identifying Men from Women’s Sports!

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Master1305 / shutterstock.comIn a bold move that signals a growing backlash against the intrusion of biological males in women’s sports, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) has declared that only those assigned female at birth can compete in the female division of its member colleges’ athletic programs. The decision passed with a unanimous 20-0 vote by […]

State of Confusion: Trump’s Abortion Agenda Leaves America Divided

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Bits And Splits / shutterstock.comFormer President Donald Trump sparked a heated national conversation about abortion laws on April 8 when he voiced his belief that states, not Congress, should decide the legality of the procedure. In a video message on his Truth Social account, Trump emphasized the need for states to have a say in such crucial matters. “Now […]

As Bidenomics Fails Gen Z, They Turn to Donald Trump to Fix America

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ABEMOS / shutterstock.comBoth Generation Z and millennials are abandoning the Democrat Party after Joe Biden spent the last three years deliberately destroying the American economy. “Bidenomics” has failed the younger generations in ways no one anticipated. Most of us expected things to get worse with the unelected Biden regime in charge, but this? A majority of people […]

Rescue Crews Miserable from Plucking Dead Bodies out of the Rio Grande River

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Vic Hinterlang / shutterstock.comOne of the hidden costs of Joe Biden’s refusal to enforce America’s immigration laws is the extreme psychological toll that it is taking on first responders. In Eagle Pass, TX, fire and rescue crews are plucking the dead bodies of men, women, and children out of the Rio Grande River every single day. Residents say […]

Swing State Votes to Ban Mark Zuckerberg from Election Interference

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Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock.comThanks to recent elections, voters have become more and more concerned with election integrity. In fact, in Wisconsin, voters just passed two bills, making it harder for outside sources such as Mark Zuckerberg to interfere in state elections. As The New York Times reported, the measures were passed during Tuesday’s primary elections in the state. […]

Anti-Trump Judge Hit with Complaint After CNN Appearance

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Sebastian Duda / shutterstock.comAs we all know, the political left is using lawfare against former President Donald Trump, undoubtedly in an attempt to keep him from regaining the White House. But as one former Supreme Court clerk recently made clear, two can play that game… Enter Michael Davis. Now an activist and head of the conservative legal group […]

Utah Tumbles Under Massive Weed Infestation 

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Maciej Bledowski / shutterstock.comTumbleweeds, the iconic symbols of the American West, have been blowing through towns across the western United States, leading to disruptions and even burying houses and cars. South Jordan, Utah, recently experienced a tumble-geddon, an invasion of tumbleweeds that left residents grappling with prickly intruders.   These invasive plants piled up to ten feet high in some places, […]

62-Year-Old Gets 217 COVID Vaccinations and Lives to Tell About It 

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The Belgian Nomad / shutterstock.comA 62-year-old man from Germany claims that he received an astonishing 217 doses of eight different COVID-19 vaccines, including all the mRNA versions, over 29 months. This means he may be the most vaccinated man in the world.  In 2022, news reports brought the 62-year-old German man to the attention of researchers. At that time, he had received only 90 vaccines. During that time, there were reports […]

Dana White, the Consummate American Willing To Lose His Company Before Betraying His People

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A.RICARDO / shutterstock.comRecently Dana White has made headlines for various things, especially his frustration with podcasters who don’t know about him, the UFC, or his accomplishments. He knows the value a sit down with him brings to any podcast, so he only wants to do them with well-prepared hosts. Lex Fridman’s podcast is a great example of […]

Another Judge, Another Trump Gag Order

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frank333 / shutterstock.comEven as the Democrats try to drown former President Donald Trump in various forms of trials, lawsuits, and litigation, he has been standing strong and defiantly. Now Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing a criminal case of Trump’s in Manhattan, has slapped him with a gag order seemingly out of nowhere. Issued by the New […]

How Trump Plans to Deport a Million Illegal Aliens from California

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Aleksandr Ryzhov / shutterstock.comPresident Donald Trump has promised the American people that he will rescue them from the damage that Joe Biden’s open border policies have done to our country. That includes rounding up millions of illegal aliens, all of whom are criminals, and deporting them. Setting aside the pointless hyperventilating of the mainstream media and the illegal […]

Child Dies in Houston, TX Pool Pipe

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StacieStauffSmith Photos / shutterstock.comAs evening descended on a Double Tree Hotel in Houston, TX, it was discovered that an eight-year-old girl had gone missing. Responding quickly, the Houston Police, Houston Fire, and nonprofit EquuSearch came out to look for the girl. The founder of EquuSearch, Tim Miller, also responded. Showing up on the scene, all Miller knew was […]

RNC Sues Nevada Over “Impossibly High” Voter Registration Rolls

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Joseph Sohm / shutterstock.comFormer Republican National Committee Chairperson Ronna Romney McDaniel surprised no one this week when she finally took the job at MSNBC that she has always longed for. What has been surprising is how aggressive and amazing the new leadership team at the RNC has been since Ronna left. In its latest move, the RNC filed […]

Chicago Voters Reject Paying More Taxes for Illegals

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northallertonman / shutterstock.comDemocratic Mayor Brandon Johnson thought he had the solution to the self-imposed immigration problems plaguing Chicago. Naturally, it wasn’t to ask the voters to end the sanctuary city status as so many outraged Chicagoans have suggested. It wasn’t even to pass the buck on to another city or even the suburbs. Instead, he proposed the […]